About Us

Our Story

Adam.Design.Lifestyle was founded over 5 years ago in the United Kingdom of Great Britain -  England.         Designing Hand Made Limited Edition products for selected High Street Retailers.      And Specialising in Photography for Private Clients and many High Street retailers and their Buisnesses helping to promote their Brands to the wider Audience.


From the outset we were inspired and humbled by the talented craftspeople and their beautiful work, that we met on our journey during our research.

It then encouraged us to do something different and concentrate on Genuine Hand Made Products , so on our return, we started working with artisans throughout the world, supporting and celebrating their skills by bringing their products to a wider audience.

We decided the mindset of "Think Different"  because our products are a mix of Elegant - Antique - Modern - Industrial - Urban with an infusion of different Cultures and Talented Craftsmanship.

The relationship between an artisan and a beautiful handmade piece creates a story.     Which makes each Product not a mass market item but an individually crafted piece. The traditional skills used by our suppliers have been handed down from generation to generation.

We value this age-old knowledge and hope to help keep it alive. We love the character in each item, the handmade nature of our products is what we believe sets us apart. We want to protect these skills.

Because our Products are Hand Made this means that No Two Pieces are exactly the same And every Individual Item is Unique.


Our Values


We adhere to the Standard Globally recognised 10 Principles Of Fair Trade, but have our own Procedures for the Management of our Supply Base.

A Key Principle for us is working with Suppliers who are at the start of their Fair Trade Process.     Providing that there is the desire to start on an Ethical Journey, we will invest in the supplier to help them Achieve this.     As a result we will have suppliers who are at varying stages of their own accreditation.     Trading fairly provides these Artisans with an Opportunity to build a Future.     It helps Businesses Develop and Creates Sustainable Employment.

Eco Friendly

We Work with Natural and Recycled Materials with a focus on sustainable methods of production and this Ultimately helps shape our Collections. We keep air freight to a minimum and review our packaging regularly.     We are constantly evaluating our processes and looking at ways we can improve.  Recycling allows us to create new and beautiful products with less impact on our environment.

We are regularly supporting contributing and donating to many charities across the World including The Plantation of Trees and the need for Clean Water in Poor Communities